Almost five months have passed since my first sharing of some end-of-day reflections in free verse; the practice has waxed and waned with the moon during that time; and I find myself wanting to share a few more with you.

I am interested by the wide range of topics I choose to write about at day’s end. It may be a happening or just a thought, a moment of joy or of failure, an event that is significant or mundane (or both) that captures my attention and demands to be written about. My writing, too, is often nondescript, though now and then I also enjoy the form my reflections take. (I share three of those here.)

Such is life: a grand mixture of ordinary and extraordinary, happy and painful, fully embodied or as yet unrealized. And this is the shape of our days.


Does the road lead


to an awaiting destination

in which each trail of desire


finds its fulfillment at last?

Or are we all stumbling

fumbling our way


wherever we happen


to end?


(Monday 5th January 2015)



Just sit still

(I tell myself)

Just hold her

Till the holding is done.


Yes, the clock is ticking

The day and its tasks await

But this

This moment

Is priceless, timeless.


So just hold



(Tuesday 13th January 2015)



I envy the unselfconscious presence of my cat,

The way she holds eye contact,

Responds so immediately to a touch,

And gives her warmth and weight fully

to my grateful lap.

Her uncomplicated presence awakens presence in me too.

For a fleeting moment

I am

body and soul

with her with me.


(Sunday 8th February 2015)

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