It’s always a privilege to get to share my thoughts and experiences with others – whether in a piece of writing or a talk – and always a significant journey for me to find out what it is I have to offer and want to share. This past week was no different as I prepared for and then shared a talk with my church community about “Things I wish I’d known sooner about knowing God.” Any form of sharing yourself often feels so vulnerable [“Will my imperfect but authentic offering be received, or be of any value to others?”] but is ultimately an important and rewarding exercise. So I might as well extend the vulnerability and share the podcast of the talk here as well, for anyone who is interested in listening to my thoughts about how we can hope to experientially know a God not present to our five senses, and what faculties need to be exercised instead to ‘see’ and ‘hear’ God. There were some great reflections and questions from the community afterwards too, but sadly those didn’t record, so all you get are mine! 🙂

Listen to the talk here.

And here’s a link to the radio interview I talk about.




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